Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blockbuster Kiosk Rental Codes-Expired

These Codes are now Expired
The codes are good at any Blockbuster Express Rental Kiosk and expire on Oct. 31st:
  • 56WHZS3
  • 58JRTW6
  • 68BPSP6
  • 74JBHG9
  • 23SGLM4
  • 74CDJS8
  • 34KWMR7
  • 75DABC2
  • 73CEHW9


  1. What does this mean, I am new to the Blockbuster box.

  2. Hi Elizabeth. Blockbuster Rental Kiosks is a convenient place where you can rent DVDs for overnight use. The codes that I posted are all good for one free night. You can only use one at a time. You do need a credit card or Debit to rent but that is only so they know who rented and that if you don't return on time they have a way to charge you. You choose the movie you would like to rent and then when prompted you enter the promo code it it will then give you the free rental. Hope this helped explain it.



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