Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dr. Praeger's Healthy Lunchbox Day program plans to wrap up with a giveaway

California Veggie Burger
Spinach Littles 

Dr. Praeger's, which is a line of all-natural frozen foods is wrapping up the Dr. Praeger's Healthy Lunchbox Day Program with a grand prize giveaway.  And who doesn't like giveaways?  The Healthy Lunchbox Day program started in September and runs thru October and the idea is to promote healthier eating in our child's lunches by added more fruits and veggies. Starting this week facebook fans are encouraged to log in and submit photos of their own creative and healthy (and hopefully delicious) children's lunches. On October 26th one lucky winner (who submitted photos) will be chosen randomly to win a year supply of free product coupons. Go to Dr. Praeger's facebook page to learn more.

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