Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trashcan Kidz

Recently MomSelect contacted me about Trashcan Kidz and wanted to know if I wanted to do a review about them.  After reading what this little dolls do (they don't move, talk, or physcially do anything special) I felt really inclined to spread the word about these little wonderful dolls.  Wanna know what they do? 20% of all sales received from go toward improving the lives of the abandoned and vulnerable children in the world.  That means you buy the doll and children around the world benefit from this via shelter, food, clothes, doctor, whatever they may need.  These special little kidz cannot be bought in stores.  You must order them online.  By ordering them online you not only get your trashcan kidz doll and trashcan backpack you also get access to fun online games.  Since these kidz are so special you need a special code to order these special little dolls.  Here is a code you can use to purchase your doll... 1319127664 .  Now I'm going to introduce you to the Kidz.  They are adorable little dolls.



If your interested in adding any of these adorable Trashcan Kidz into your lives and helping children around the world just go to and enter the special code 1319127664.

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