Sunday, November 27, 2011


"ecofreek (free) searches over 45+ websites worldwide for free items 
being given away by people who no longer need them"

I tested out this free to use website a little bit.  It seems a lot like Freecycle or other like programs but it seems to have a larger database for the things you are looking for.  I searched my area (and like with all things) there was nothing in my area.  The gist of this site is to post the things you do not want and are willing to give away for free and you can search other people's unwanted items to see if there is something you might want or need.  They list things such as books, sports equipment, antiques, automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, CDs/DVDs, computers, property, seeds/gardening supplies, furniture, pets and lots more. I think it's a great concept and helps save money and save things from piling up in the dump.  The stuff they are giving away is not trash but if no one wants it guess where it will more than likely end up.

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