Thursday, November 10, 2011

GUM Crayola Toothbrushes

With the holidays approaching it is easy to forget the little things.  One little thing you shouldn't forget is oral hygiene.  I am sure your kids will consume their fair share of sweet treats this holiday season so we have to make sure they brush well.  The GUM Crayola Toothbrush line makes this fun and easy.  They are inexpensive and very colorful and fun.  My children loved them from the moment they arrived in my house.  Without telling them the age recommendation on them or what they do, they all seemed to pick the brush that was right for them, which I found very interesting.  I plan on buying these brushes in the future because they are fun, cute, and great way to get them brushing.  Let me tell you a little about each brush.

These toothbrushes are designed for children but have all the frills of an adult's toothbrush.  They are cordless and battery operated which means it won't need recharging.  The GUM Crayola Power Toothbrush is available in 4 bright fun colors: green, raspberry, tangerine, and teal.  At SRP of $5.99 this toothbrush is very affordable and would make an excellent stocking stuffer or gift for the children in your life.

This toothbrush makes brushing fun with its colorful marker design.  This brush offers angled bristles and a Raised Super Tip help to remove plaque and help clean the hard to reach places in the child's mouth. The Marker toothbrush is available in 5 vibrant colors: blue, orange, violet, yellow and light blue.  They come in a two pack and at the SRP of $2.99, it's a great price.

The smiling faces and narrow tappered head on the Pip-Squeak toothbrush make them ideal for younger children. The interdental cut tufts clean between teeth while the Raised Super Tip bristles help to reach those pesky back teeth.  The Pip-Squeak comes in two pack and come in the 4 fun colors of: blue, green, pink, and orange.  With the SRP of $2.99, the Pip-Squeak is a inexpensive fun way to get your little one brushing.

The GUM Crayola Timer Light is great for the restless child.  It features two color-coordinated lights that illuminate the entire brush and flash for 60 seconds, ensuring your child brushes for enough time.  The Dome Trim bristles helps remove plaque more effectively and comes in 4 great colors: red, blue, green, and purple. The Timer Light is worth the value at the SRP of $3.49.

All of these toothbrushes feature Ultra-soft bristles that massage the gums and teeth and are recommended by dental professionals. They all also have suction cup bases which helps ensure a clutter free counter and that the toothbrushes stay clean by not allowing the bristles to lay on the counter. With their fun colors they appeal to both boys and girls.  They can all be purchased at or at most major retailers.

*Disclosure: I was provided with a sample of these toothbrushes to help in the review and the opinions in this review are that of my own and were not influenced in any way.*

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