Friday, December 23, 2011

Aldi's Wines

Shopping on a budget cans sometimes be hard, which is one of the reasons I shop at Aldi.  We try to shop Aldi at least once a month.  It's also no surprise that I love hosting get togethers. During the holiday season, I like to serve wine at some of my gatherings.  I knew Aldi sold wine, they sell it within the first isle at my local store.  But there were some things I didn't know, so I never bought them.  Things like most bottles are $4.99 or less, the cheapest I found was $3.99 and the most expensive I found was $12.99.  But I also learned that Aldi Wines are award-winning.  Although I cannot taste wine right now, my husband can and so can my guests.  I don't want to serve junk wine.  Just because I am on a budget doesn't mean that I have to sacrifice quality, so I was intrigued by the fact this wine was award winning and that it cost so little.  So Hubby and I went to Aldi's and purchased wine and pairing foods for the wine.  We were quite surprised by Aldi Wine.  It has a great appearance, both in the bottle and in the glass.  Hubby said he the wines had great flavor and texture and I noticed that the aroma was heavenly.  What I love about Aldi Wine is that if you turn the bottle over to the back label (which I did right in the store) it gives you details of that particular wine.

It tells you the wine name, the style, the taste, notes, pairing suggestions, at what temperature the wine should be kept, and the origin of the wine.  I think this label is important because even if you don't know a thing about wine, this label makes it super simple to serve a great wine and spread of food.  I don't see how anyone can screw it up, if they just read the labels.  They have a decent variety as well.  You can see what Wines and Beers Aldi has by going here:

So while I was on this shopping trip to get wine and food to entertain guests, I also bought some of the pairing suggestions.a large box of entertainer crackers for $2.49, which has 6 varieties in it.  And then you can buy gourmet cheeses at Aldi as well (did not know they sold the cheeses until this trip).

Everything was very affordably  priced, which I was loving.  On this shopping trip, I also bought meat and potatoes, cheesecakes bites, truffles, and a few other things.  My cart was almost all the way full and I spent about $55 and this was without using coupons.  Anyways, next time your looking for a great tasting wine and your on a budget I do recommend checking into the wine selection at Aldi.  If you need to see where a local Aldi that sells wine is in your area please click here.

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ALDI and received a gift certificate to facilitate my review.

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