Saturday, December 17, 2011

I got to host an awesome Pregnacny 2.0 party!!

Recently I got to host a great party at my home.  It was called Pregnancy 2.0.   During this party I invited  some of my Pregnant and/or New Mom friends.  It was nice to sit down with them and talk about everything baby.  I am telling you this because I had a blast hosting this party and the items I got to show off to all these lovely ladies needs to be shared with others.  Many of these products I didn't even know existed.  From the moment I got approved to host this party I was excited and I wasn't even sure what the sponsors were sending yet.  Then the packages began to arrive.  First arrived a Britax Stroller and Carseat with base.  I wasn't home when it arrived.  But I arrived home to my neighbor telling me she grabbed a package off my doorstep for me.  I was expecting something small.  I however was not expecting a large stroller box.  I literally was in awe of just the picture on the box, then she told me there was more.  Britax was very generous for sending these.  Let me tell you about them.  The stroller is called the B-Agile.  I love this stroller!  It has so many great features.  Click the word B-Agile to see all the features.  I will just tell you my favorites about this stroller. Three-wheel design provides improved steering and maneuverability.  This means great turning and steering.  It also has large wheels so it takes to gravel easily.  Both features always a plus.  Large canopy with ventilation window.  And I do mean large.  It folds nice and flat against the stroller but when its opened it covers at least half of the seat length.  Infinite seat recline positions.  This is achieved by two straps threaded thru an adjuster, which is very simple to use (this is probably my favorite feature).  Included Accessories: BRITAX CLICK & GO infant car seat receivers.  

Which brings me to the next thing I got to try and show to my friends.  The B-Safe Carseat. (Again click B-Safe to see all the features.)  Adjustable Base has five positions for proper seat angle and positionin and Four Harness Heights and Two Buckle Positions for your growing child.  This means that everything is a perfect fit all the time.  It also has many safety features for a safer ride for baby.

And when the stroller is put with the stroller it makes a very nice combo...

Britax also sent a Baby Carrier.  The Baby Carrier is suitable to carry babies 8 lbs to 32 lbs.  This Baby Carrier seems to be padded everywhere which provides a lot of comfort for both you and the baby.   It has a head support for the younger infants. It also features an easy-adjust waist belt which accommodates 22 inches to 56 inches for the perfect fit and storage for any extra belt hanging over.  It's completely machine washable, as well, for easy cleaning.  They also sent along a seat extender for the Baby Carrier.  While you can purchase Britax products online, you can also get them at several stores.  Find out the closest Britax Retailer, by clicking here.

Another cool item that I was sent to show to the party goers was a Babyplus.  I was intrigued by the Babyplus as I have never seen one before.  The concept behind the Babyplus is you wear the Babyplus on your belly, anytime between 18-32 weeks gestation, twice a day and it gives your unborn child auditory exercises that is supposed to help with their brain development and in turn make your child smarter.  I am not sure if it does make the baby smarter, as my baby isn't even born yet but many people swear by the Babyplus, so I am sure that it gives some level of positive benefits to your unborn baby.  To find out more about the Babyplus, please visit:  Babyplus can be purchased many places online at select online retailers.  Find out which ones here.

Xlear also got in on this action by sending us some wonderful products as well.  They sent packs of Xlitol Gum.   One for me, and one for each of my guests.  This gum comes in a variety of flavors and is very affordable.   We got to try the Spearmint.  It was very flavorful and the  flavor lasts long.  Chewing with Xlitol Gum may reduce the risk of tooth decay.It has fewer calories than regular (sugar) gum and doesn't affect the blood sugar as much as regular (sugar) gum.  Please keep Xlitol away from your pets. (why?)
I was also sent Xlear Kids Nasal Spray for myself, and to pass out to the guests.  Xlear Nasal Spray, whether for the kids or for the adults is all-natural.  Use Xlear Nasal Sprays to keep the nasal passages clean and moist.  It does a better job than just a regular nasal spray and is very easy to use.
Also, in addition to both of those products, Xlear also sent along samples of their Kids Spry Tooth Gel.  Sorry, I don't have an image of this, which upsets me because this is probably my favorite from Xlear.  This can be used on babies 3 months and up, and comes with a cute Dispensing Pacifier and  sample bottle of the nasal spray.  Cleaning your baby's gum can sometimes be difficult.  This set, that I received, makes it simple.  You fill the pacifier 2/3 of the way full and give to the baby,  as they naturally suck on their "binky", the tooth gel then clean and soothes your baby's gums.  Xlear products can be bought online or in store.  To find out where to buy Xlear products, please click here.

Xlear also sent me a hostess gift.  Its a very cute messenger bag style diaper bag that says Spry Kids on it.  My hubby loves it because is brown and not frilly.

Lastly, I received two Snuggle Buddies from Rashti.  One was to keep for my little one (a cute little puppy) and one to give to a lucky winner at my party (a birdie).  But they have many more characters to choose from, making them the prefect gift for any little boy or girl.  This are adorable.  They aren't very big so they make the perfect travel lovey for your baby/toddler, they are designed to grow with your baby.  They have head, which has a rattle inside for added sound stimulation, and arms and legs but the rest of them are open blankie.  They are soft on the outside and silky on the inside, which promotes tactile development.  In addition to them being available online, you can also visit a shop near you to buy one of these cuties.  To see where to buy these please click here.

I was also able to send my guests home with gift bags filled with information, samples, coupons, and one of them contained the Birdie.
Disclaimer:  I received several products in order to host this party.   Some items were kept while others were given away as door prizes at my party.  No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions above are solely my own.  Thank you to MomSelect, MommyParties, Britax, Xlear, Babyplus, and Rashati for this opportunity.

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