Monday, January 23, 2012

Tea Collection

Our kids are allowed to look good for no reason, the same as us adults like to dress up for no reason.  But when your on a tight budget how can anyone afford to do this often.  I ran across a website called Tea Collection or simply Tea.  They offer very cute outfits for affordable prices.  They offer outfits for both young and old and both male and female.  They seem to always have a sale on their site as well.  For example, right now by just glancing at their site, I notice that they have this sale going on:

UP TO 60% OFF - IT'S ON!

Our semi-annual sale is here! Celebrate the new year with savings up to 60% (or more!) on great girls dresses, awesome boys clothing and all our globally-inspired styles.

They also offer simple shipping, which simply means Free shipping on orders over $150, and $7 on everything else.

I love the quality that is in each piece too.  They definitely pay attention to detail when manufacturing the outfits.  On the little boys' clothes they have the cutest designs and they are put on the shirts well, no worry of them pulling or tearing off easy.  And what I like most about the girls' dresses is the the attention to detail in both the collar and the waistline of the dresses.  All 4 of my kids are built differently but it seemed like the outfits were made for their bodies.  They all fit well with not too loose and not too tight qualities.

When review these clothes, I only found myself asking one question.  Why the name Tea.  Their website answered that with this answer: 


Tea, the drink, is shared in nearly every culture around the world. Being Tea is about experiencing life together, even when we're not in the same place. It means taking the time to understand and honor our differences. In doing so, we become closer.

I guess that answered that.  They have many cute outfits and I really recommend that you at least take a moment and check them out.  You'll find it hard to narrow down which outfit is your favorite.

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  1. Hi! I like your collection.
    Fantastic one.
    I really like it.
    Keep going.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep sharing more and more.



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