Thursday, May 24, 2012

End Thumb Sucking (Guest Post)

Below you will find a Guest Post from End Thumb Sucking.

What to Know About End Thumb Sucking

End Thumb Sucking has provided parents with an affordable way to help their children stop sucking their thumb since 2010. The company offers a product that has been designed to help children break the habit of thumb sucking. The Glovey Huggey thumb guard is one of the most effective ways to help your child end the bad habit of sucking their thumb while providing them with the comfort and security they need.

Why the Glovey Huggey?

If your child sucks his or her thumb, chances are good that you have heard of dozens of ways to stop the habit. Most of these methods are harmful to the child, however. For example, some people recommend putting a bad-tasting substance on the child's thumb to dissuade the child from putting it in their mouth. These types of suggestions are often considered inhumane and aren't effective in preventing the habit over time. A thumb or finger guard is one option that is both simple and effective. provides a glove that fits over your child's hand to allow them the comfort that they want while preventing the damage that comes with actually putting their hands in their mouth. Learning how to stop thumb sucking isn't a challenge with this product. Parents have found that their children are satisfied with the Glovey Huggy product and have fewer struggles with learning to stop sucking their thumb than children who have used other methods to stop thumb sucking.

The Company Information

If you are interested in helping your child stop thumb sucking or you want to learn how to stop thumb sucking, you can visit the company online through one of their social media networks. On Facebook, the company can be found at On Twitter, you can add the company through These social networks are more than just company pages, you can connect with a diverse range of parents that are dealing with many of the same issues as you.

Whether you simply want to cover the thumb or you need a complete finger cover glove, you will find what you need for your child with Parents can interact with the company representatives online, as well, ensuring you have all the tools you need to stop thumb and finger sucking in its tracks before it can cause harm to your child.


  1. Soooooo going to try those...for a fashion statement! And my little daughter, Lorianne Irene. ��

  2. As the parent of a child who really loved sucking his thumb, I know how hard it is for some kids to stop - even when they want to.

    When my son was 7, our orthodontist told us that he was going to need an expander within the year and had to stop sucking his thumb before it could go on. I wasn't willing to make my son suffer with any of the products on the market used to MAKE kids stop thumb sucking: plastic sheathes, neoprene thumb sleeves and bitter tasting ointments just to name a few. I also didn't want him to feel bad about needing to stop sucking his thumb. So we talked about it - a lot. He wanted to stop, he just couldn't. He would suck his thumb unconsciously during the day and all night in his sleep. First we tried using a regular knit glove, but he would pull it off in the night because his hand would get too hot. I had him sleep in my bed and spent all night pulling his thumb out of his mouth. Clearly, we needed another solution: Thumb-Thing. By eliminating all of the fingers but the thumb, his hand stayed cool and he would wear it all night. During the day he would put it on while we watched a movie or read a book, or anytime he thought he might suck his thumb. I didn't have to do anything but make sure his Thumb-Things were clean. He never forgot to put it on at night, and instead of feeling bad about himself, he was proud.

    Wishing you and your little one all the best!
    Please check us out at



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