Thursday, May 10, 2012

Homemade Magic Bubbles

Today I am sharing a recipe with you for Homemade Magic Bubbles.  While bubbles are an inexpensive thing for your child to play with when they are outdoors, wouldn't it be even cheaper to be able to make them yourselves.  All you need is three simple ingredients: glycerin (which you can pick up at just about any drug store), dish soap, and water.  They call these magic bubbles because the bubbles blow easier, bigger, and stay a bubble longer (all thanks to the glycerin).  

Magic Bubbles

  • 1 tblsp glycerin
  • 2 tblsp dish soap
  • 9 oz water

Gently mix all ingredients together.  Use an old bubble wand, or be creative and see what other object you can use, to blow your bubbles and have fun!


  1. We used to always make homemade bubbles when I was growing up. Bubbles are cheap, but this is so much easier than running to the store when you don't have any bubbles in the house.

  2. Isn't it so much more fun to make them yourself too. Thank you for visiting The Momma Blogger!



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