Wednesday, June 13, 2012


click the above link to watch a clip of Super Why!

If your like me you don't mind if your children watch a little TV, but if you had to choose between educational or not educational, I'm sure you would choose educational.  A lot of educational shows can be monotone and boring which is why I love PBS.  My kids could sit and watch PBS for hours, if I let them.  They don't even realize they are learning, when watching their shows, but they are.  One my children's favorites is Super Why.  Super Why is designed to help kids ages 3 to 6 with the critical skills they need to learn to read, as recommended by the National Reading Panel.  Super Why solves the mysteries with the power to read.  Super Why (Wyatt) and all the other Super characters have an original problem to solve.  To do so they must go on journeys helping others, by reading and spelling to solve their problems.  After they have helped someone it drops letters which then go into the Super Duper Computer.  After they have collected all the letters, they can solve the original problem with the Power To Read!

Super Why is an excellent show that keeps the kids attention throughout the whole program.  Super Why is about to release a new DVD called SUPER WHY: AROUND THE WORLD ADVENTURE.  In these stories kids learn about geography, letters, and vocabulary. Kids also investigate the alphabet, practice spelling, use words, and use the power to read to change the story!*  The “AROUND THE WORLD ADVENTURE” DVD debuts June 19, 2012.*
In addition to its trio of fun- and learning-packed episodes, the “SUPER WHY: AROUND THE WORLD ADVENTURE” DVD features bonus materials, including interactive games, music videos, printable activity and coloring pages, as well as valuable resources for parents to use with their budding super readers at home.*  You can pre-order this DVD now for $12.99 by visiting this link to purchase .  You will get three episodes on this DVD,  Around the World Adventure; Naila and the Magic Map; and Jasper's Cowboy Wish.  To get your kids excited about this DVD, you can visit here to play, fun, interactive educational games with your kids. 

Additionally if you liked Super Why and you are looking to build up your little one's vocabulary you may want to check out WordGirl....WORD UP!  WordGirl's latest DVD, WordGirl: The Rise of Miss Power, is available for $9.99 by clicking this link to purchase.

* Lines were taken from their press release or website.

Disclosure:  I did receive DVD(s) in order to post an informed, honest opinion. All thoughts and opinion are that of  my own and were not persuaded by any means.

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  1. i've heard of this show but my kids haven't watched it...i think we'll check it out! i agree...shows where kids actually learn things is a plus. thx for the review.



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