Saturday, September 15, 2012

EdenFantasys Bath and Shower Items

Express your love with Vroom! Sex toys from EdenFantasys. Shop now!

Many of you, by now, have heard of a online Adult Toy Shop called EdenFantasys, but what many do not know is that it is much more than a "sex shop".  EdenFantasys carries many items, that are sexual in nature but they also carry many items that are sensual in nature such as bath and shower items.  These items are just everyday items that a woman may use in the bath and shower setting such as body wash, bath oils, bath salts, hair care and more.  They carry many brands and items so I am sure you can find something you like.   They offer a vast array of fragrance in the Bath and Shower section of their site.  Scents like Pineapple/Tangerine, Pomegranate, Lavender, Peach, Milk, Man, Juniper, Green Tea, Mandarin Mango, Cucumber Melon, as well as several others.  They offer products for all skin types.

What I love about the bath and shower section is that they make great items for yourself or a gift for others, I plan on purchasing some for Christmas gifts this year and I have already purchased some of the items for Bachelorette gifts, Baby Shower for the Mama gifts, and a few items for myself.   If your buying it for a gift for someone you can either make your own little collection to give or purchase a kit that has already been put together.
Belleza box

Simply sensual hair care trio

Shunga garden of edo organic collection

Venus aromatic bath salts

Right now you can save up top 30% with their current promotion:

  • 30% Off Orders $150+ Code: EU30
  • 25% Off Orders $100+ Code: EU25
  • 20% Off Orders $50+ Code: EU20
  • 15% Off Any Order Code: EU15
With deals like that I know you at least want to look.
Disclosure: I received a gift card in exchange for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are that of my own and are not persuaded in any way.


  1. Hello! I am a new follower from Busymommylist I actually was just checking into this company, as a fellow blogger, I saw they had a review slot open, and was just curious about the products and how they would fit a mom or book blogger;)
    I enjoyed reading your review, and appreciate the mentions of the "other" products!!
    I always loved Victoria Secrets bath and body collection, I am a sucker for fruity scented lotions, lol! But I would definitely consider trying this company! Especially with those discount codes!! Thank you for those, btw:P
    I also like your layout and ethical standards here! It seems to be rare anymore to find ethics in blogging, but I appreciate the bloggers I find that do have morals and values!
    I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Brandy,

      I am very glad you found my blog and found my post helpful. The EdenFantasys products easily tie into any Mom or Book blogger.

      Let's first discuss the Book Blogger aspect. EdenFantasy does carry an array of books (perhaps the topic for my next Eden post) Some are how to do while others are more erotic in nature. As a Mom Blogger, you could blog about the "other products(as you called them), because they have so many. They have lingerie as well that can be blogged about. Or perhaps you may wish to blog about the review program they offer in and of itself. Perhaps the different discount codes they have could be an option as well. There are several topics to blog about when you truly look at the site.

      Also, as for my review and you liking the fruity scents, I only posts a few of the scents they offer...they offer so many it's a must see. I am very glad that you chose to read my blog and that you appreciate what I have to offer. If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out, you can reach me at



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