Friday, September 14, 2012

Mr. Halloweenster

Halloween is rapidly approaching and when your looking for things to do with your kids, I suggest checking out Mr. Halloweenster and his website.  He has developed a fun-filled website full of ideas.  From Pumpkin Carving to Decorating Ideas, he has you covered.  He also has a movies, songs and a book (coming soon).  Mr. Halloweenster also encourages your children to have a healthier Halloween.

Who is Mr. Halloweenster?
Mr. Halloweenster is the guy who makes sure that everyone has lots of fun on Halloween: helping kids with their costumes, carving pumpkins, and doing whatever else he can to help make it the best day of the year for everyone. But it looks like Mr. Meanypants and Dr. Junkvittles are planning to put the kids under some sort of spell that will stop them from wearing their costumes and marching in the Halloween parade. It's up to Mr. Halloweenster to save the day! (from site)
Also you should check back on his website later because he plans on running a contest:


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