Friday, January 4, 2013

Family Disaster Preparedness Tip (Guest Post)

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Family Disaster Preparedness Tip: Basic Food Storage Plan after Being Hit By a Hurricane

It seems as though the weather patterns have been rapidly changing and it is now more important than ever to understand a few basics about food storage in the event of a natural disaster like a hurricane. Hurricanes are incredibly destructive and can quickly leave even the most well prepared families wishing for supplies. Understanding a few basics about food storage in the event of something like a hurricane can make all the difference between being well prepared while waiting for emergency help and being left without food – starving.

The first thing to remember about emergency food storage in the event of a natural disaster like a hurricane is to keep all rations dry. This could mean buying a water tight storage container for freeze dried foods, using air and water tight re-sealable bags to keep opened rations dry, and other options like designating an area that is high enough off the ground to prevent food from getting wet. Keeping rations dry is the only way to keep them from spoiling, from growing molds and other harmful issues, and to keep food ready to eat at any time.

The second issue to deal with is keeping scavengers from getting to food supplies. In the event of something like a hurricane, animals like raccoon  cats, dogs, and other domestic and non-domesticated animals are going to be without access to food as well. It is important to keep food storage rations out of sight and high off the ground to keep scavengers from having access to them. Also, it is important to keep supplies well documented so as to be able to quickly assess how much food is still available and how much is needed to sustain until help arrives.

Lastly, making sure to ration out food evenly (and with an understanding that help may not come for a few days), or even weeks is also key to keeping families alive until help arrives. It is important that food is well guarded, that it be rationed out as needed not simply because someone may be a bit puckish, and that it should be kept away from any possible contaminants after it has been opened or even before it has been opened. Keeping a good watch on the food supplies and keeping them in an area that is accessible to those that need it but well away from water, scavengers, and other issues (that may cause problems later on) is the best way to store them.
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