Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Amazon introduces Nudge Day

Amazon introduces Nudge Day. This Friday, November 14, Amazon is celebrating Nudge Day. Just two weeks away from the busiest shopping weekend of the year, we invite customers to ask (or nudge) their family and friends to create an online wish list by going to Nudge day is a way to nudge people toward the gift you may want by using Amazon Wish List.

Step One: Search
Search to see if your friend or family member has a Wish List on Amazon.   You can search by name or email address.
Step Two: Nudge
If they have a list, visit it and ask for an update. You will see “Ask your friend for an update” right underneath the Wish List name.  They will be able to send you a response to let you know once they are done.
If they don’t have a list, send them a request to create one. You will see “Ask your friend to create a Wish List” in your search results page.   Simply enter their email address and a request will be sent. 
Step Three: Create
Don’t forget to update and share your own list. On Amazon Wish List customers can even add items from other web sites using the Amazon 1Button App.   Add photos of products and personal notes with gift inspiration as well.   Once a wish list is update, the important thing is to share it friends and family and make it easy for them to buy something special.

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