Saturday, November 8, 2014

Help the T. Holmes Foundation help others this year

I have wrote before about the T. Holmes Foundation before ( previous post is here) and today I will write about it again and ask you for your help. The T. Holmes foundation was created by a mother who lost her grown child, Tylor to suicide. She wanted to keep his memory alive and create awareness to try to help other get through their hard times and to try to prevent other's from committing or attempting suicide. This is a very close to the heart subject so I ask that if you choose to comment on this post please keep it respectful. As part of Tylor legacy, his mother wanted to make sure to carry on his traditions. Every year he would do something that at the time I'm sure he didn't think it was special, but it was very special. He would stay over on the holidays so that the residents of the elderly care facility would not feel as lonely. Tylor truly had a big heart and lots of love in that heart. 

Because of that the T. Holmes Foundation have brought back for another year T. Holmes Santa's Secret Mission. They are asking for signed cards, signed with your family name (ie. The Smiths) and T. Holmes Foundation Santa's Secret Mission. You wouldn't believe how many people in elderly care facility and various other shelters won't even get so much as a card this holiday season. They are also asking for socks for seniors, playing cards, dominoes, winter hats and gloves (I am sure they will take scarves too), fleece throws, and toiletries.  

If you can find it in your heart to donate to this cause please mail items to: 

T. HOLMES Foundation 
631 12th Ave
Bethlehem PA 18018

You can buy most of the items asked for at the local Dollar Tree or have your children hand make a Christmas Card. It will definitely brighten someone's day. So far the foundation is going to be taking the donated items to pass out at  7 facilities and 1 mental health facility. Below you will find a flyer with additional information. You can also check out there FB page to see photos and learn a little more if you would like: or you can go here:  And feel free to pass this information along. 

If you are wondering what will be done with any items left over they will get passed out to other facilities as well. This year they have a Santa that will be passing out all the items.

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